The mission of IPPS – with a focus on the global community of those involved in horticultural plant production – is

• to share knowledge, information and skills;
• to provide guidance and support for lifelong career achievements;
• to increase recognition of the profession; and
• to maximize the integration of research, education, and horticultural    knowledge.

Membership includes those with an interest in ornamental horticulture, vegetable and fruit plant production, floriculture, silviculture, plantation crop production, amenity horticulture, and all other fields related to the production of plants for public use.

IPPS has a worldwide membership of over 2,100 members. Currently, the membership is organized into eight geographic regions around the world, and has also initiated an “at-large” membership for those individuals located outside the geographic boundaries of the regions, but who still want to be part of this “Seek and Share” organization. From its inception in 1951 when a group of about 70 plant propagators met in Cleveland, Ohio, to share their knowledge and form the Society, IPPS has broadened into an international forum for sharing knowledge, information, skills, and resources that improve the productivity and professionalism of its members in the global plant production community.



2015 IPPS International Tour and Annual Conference
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"Propagation of Ornamental Plants: an International Journal"

IPPS is an organization of individuals and businesses that are professionally associated with the plant production industry. We welcome your interest; however, the IPPS business office is not able to respond to specific questions from the public about plants or plant cultivation. We encourage you to contact your local horticultural experts – Cooperative Extension, Master Gardeners, University specialists, local garden centers, etc.

IPPS—International Plant Propagators' Society
174 Crestview Drive . Bellefonte, PA 16823 . USA
Email: secretary@ipps.org