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Arboreta & Botanic Gardens

American Public Gardens Association
Comments: American Association of Botanic Gardens and Arboreta

The Royal Botanic Garden

University of Hawaii
Comments: Hawaii's Botanical and Other Public Gardens

University of Washington
Comments: Washington Park Arboretum

UC Davis Arboretum

Educational Sites

Horticulture Information
Comments: At NC State University

Cornell University
Comments: Plant Propagation

University of Regina
Comments: Internet Directory of Botany

UC Davis
Comments: Rooting Database

University of Florida
Comments: Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

Comments: Natural Resources Cons. Service


“Propagation of Ornamental Plants: An International Journal” is a refereed journal of papers covering all aspects of in vitro and in vivo propagation of the ornamental plant species. The Journal is published four times each year, originating in Bulgaria. Subscription information, as well as author instructions and additional information is available on their website:

The Journal has been supported in the past by the IPPS European Region but is not an official IPPS publication.

Organizational Sites

Comments: American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society

American Rose Society
Comments: Propagation information

The Holly Society of America

Plant Tissue Culture

Carol's Plant Tissue Culture Resource Page

Plant Tissue Culture
Comments: By Lydiane Kyte

Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange

Plant Tissue Culture Listserve
Comments: At the University of Minnesota

Reference Sites

"Gardens, Plants and You - A Guide to Botany"


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