Field Production Systems [2720]

Aftercare procedures/for field survival of tissue culture plants (28:156)
Alternative propagation techniques/Texas field roses (31:643)
Azaleas/field production of (27:269)
Azaleas for container, field production/propagation (36:605)
Bareroot nursery plants/harvesting (41:276)
Bareroot tree whips/handling at Greenleaf Nursery (44:478)
Biosolids amended soils/evaluating nursery plant performance (48:466)
Birch propagation (16:193)
Celery/enhanced growth/arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus-inoculated (48:540)
Chemical pre-emergence weed control/western Washington (15:306)
Composting for field and container growing (40:548)
Conifers/field production of (17:138)
Cornus cultivars/field production (45:615)
Crabapple introductions (new Father Fiala)/field production (43:480)
Current British vegetative propagation methods/ideas (31:53)
Determining optimal lifting time of nursery stock for cold storage (48:289)
Drip-tape (41:239)
Dwarf conifers/production and marketing of unusual (44:547)
Fertigation and nitrogen movement in field nurseries (41:298)
Field-budded roses/weed control (40:264)
Field fertilization practices (27:284)
Field-growing rhododendrons without lath (13:230)
Field grown roses in Texas/propagation, production (40:467)
Field production of tree seedlings in Washington (17:106)
Field rose production (31:648)
Flower bud production/fertilizers and growth regulators (19:305)
Gro-bags/are they all we had hoped for? (37:534)
Gro-bags/mass production of trees (37:526)
Ground cover roses/country series (40:274)
Grow-bags/trees and shrubs, growing and marketing (37:532)
Herbicides and combinations in field liners (23:326)
Herbicides/nursery tool, not panacea (16:227)
Hop propagation in Australia (43:77)
Ideas from the nursery practice field production unit (27:57)
In vitro propagated blueberries/field performance (37:450)
Integrating field and container production/trees (36:582)
IPM monitoring systems/in production (41:245)
Juniper production without herbicides (33:450)
Landscape performance/implications of propagation techniques (41:266)
Leyland cypress/rooting and early growth of selected clones (29:190)
Liner beds/using compost on (43:455)
Liners/production of for field culture (27:265)
Magnolia kobus and M. virginiana/production (48:305)
Maximum vs. optimum growth/pushing plants for (44:483)
Mechanisation of operations in open-ground growing (24:241)
Methyl bromide alternatives/field-grown nursery stock (46:378)
Nursery production in Germany/environmental restrictions (44:138)
Nursery stock/integrated production of (44:146)
Nursery stock on organic soils/growing (22:398)
Nutrient applications during the dormant season (16:306)
Nutrient runoff from nurseries (41:428)
Nutrition of lining-out and field nursery stock (24:469)
Oak production in alkaline soil/consider Quercus x schuettei (46:473)
Oak propagation from start to finish (46:469)
One-year fruit tree production in the field (30:164)
Open ground vs. container-grown citrus (31:283)
P&P: new field type operation (40:417)
Perennial natives, Tennessee/propagation, production (40:429)
Pine and meadow vole control (38:527)
Planting through plastics (8:170)
Pot-in-pot production of nursery stock (47:637)
Pre-emergence weed control in nursery stock (15:123)
Preemergence weed management in field ornamentals/sulfentrazone (46:589)
Propagation and field production/Daphne 'Somerset', 'Carol Mackie' (48:489)
Propagation and production Rhus typhina 'Laciniata' (31:524)
Propagation of mint (Mentha) (43:73)
Proteas in Southern California/growing (24:43)
Quackgrass in the nursery/controlling (25:374)
Rainguns as an irrigation option (41:236)
Red maple from tissue-culture and budded/field evaluation (44:494)
Red maple/propagation method compared (41:270)
Reduction/nitrates in surface and ground water (43:244)
Reduction of nitrates in surface and ground water (42:507)
Rhododendrons/a system for producing (22:467)
River birch/fertilizer rate and pot-in-pot production (47:451)
Root-control field-grown containers/pros vs. cons (37:529)
Rooted cuttings and seedlings/successful field establishment (6:62)
Rose plant production/an approach to (18:128)
Rose plants/production of field grown (18:136)
Rose tree production/mechanism (40:269)
Scottish broadleaved trees/provenance and production of (50:155)
Seed bed production in Rhode Island (28:114)
Seedlings/field production/in a central states nursery (10:277)
So you want a clean nursery (28:293)
Soil microorganisms/plant growth and health (36:169)
Soil moisture/does cultivation preserve (14:177)
Specimen Ilex species/production in Virginia, U.S.A. (39:258)
Taxus cultivation in frame and field (4:82)
Taxus species/intensive cultivation for Taxol production (43:222)
Texas rose industry (42:391)
Tissue culture/how it can be the answer (39:523)
Tissue culture plant performance/programming (40:581)
Translating soil tests into quantity of fertilizer needed (28:324)
Trickle irrigation for field production (31:666)
VA mycorrhizae in production/potential use (44:52)
Water conserving irrigation systems (42:260)
Water relationships/soil additives for improvement of (27:215)
Weed control for the nursery (16:217)
Weed control in field nursery stock (27:185)
Weed control in liners and field transplants (31:588)
Weed control in ornamentals with glyphosate (28:85)
Weed control in the field/practical suggestions (38:475)
Weed control/old fashioned (40:565)
Weedicides in the nursery/use of (30:556)
Wheel line irrigation systems (41:235)
Wildwood Nurseries program (27:198)
Woody tree and shrub seedling production (31:537)