Cornus [2090]

Bunchberry/propagation and early production (47:507)
Chlorophyll meter evaluation/indicate relative growth rates of plants (43:497)
Clonal variation of red-osier dogwood (17:281)
Cornus 'Milky Way'/name recognition (41:441)
Cornus canadensis seed/germination (41:286)
Cornus cultivars/field production (45:615)
Cornus florida and 'Eddie's White Wonder'/propagation (38:177)
Cornus florida f. rubra/propagation and overwintering (5:43)
Cornus florida f. rubra/propagation by seed (32:482)
Cornus florida/field seedling production of (27:233)
Cornus, Hamamelis/propagation techniques (40:524)
Cornus kousa/its propagation (34:598)
Cornus species/interspecific hybridization (35:655)
Corylus and Cornus propagation from cuttings (15:209)
Disease resistant cultivars of crapemyrtle and dogwood (48:563)
Dogwood anthracnose (39:317)
Dogwood anthracnose (41:319)
Dogwood budding in the field (9:54)
Dogwood canker/current status of (30:526)
Dogwood diseases (27:241)
Dogwood/field budding of (27:236)
Dogwood (hybrids)/rooting response of microcuttings (45:557)
Dogwood improvement program/University of Tennessee (49:521)
Dogwood liner to finished plant (27:240)
Dogwood/producing by cuttings (27:238)
Dogwood propagation from cuttings (46:697)
Dogwood/propagation of by hardwood cuttings (25:29)
Dogwood/relocation of 100 year old (46:648)
Dogwood seedlings/propagation of in containers (27:234)
Dogwoods in containers/growing (39:344)
Dogwoods/new large-bracted form Rutgers University (43:487)
Dogwoods/propagation of (22:116)
Dogwoods/propagation of by cuttings (23:56)
Field propagation/selected ornamentals New Zealand (39:218)
Grafting of spruce, cedar, beech, and dogwoods (12:249)
Grafting/summer (48:345)
Hybridizing woody ornamentals (19:371)
Lesser known, unusual shrub species/their propagation (38:295)
Oaks, magnolias, crabapples, dogwoods/softwood propagation (36:419)
Pest resistant landscape plants (46:602)
Pink dogwoods/propagating from rooted cuttings (30:405)
Propagation of Cornus florida cultivars by cuttings (28:360)
Shade and flowering trees by cuttings/propagation (33:552)
Top grafting of Japanese maples and dogwoods (21:395)